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In 2018, the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) launched the Medication Adherence Calculator showcasing the savings achievable by increasing medication adherence in three highly prevalent workforce conditions; diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. As of February 20, 2023, the calculator now includes depression and anxiety disorders.

In the last few years, the US workforce has seen a dramatic increase in symptoms of depression and anxiety. In 2021, two in five employed adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression disorder – a four-fold increase from pre-pandemic levels. According to IBI’s recent analysis, the rate of individuals taking a mental health prescription medication has increased from 20% to 22%. Employee mental health is a significant concern for employers and an impactful driver of organizational productivity.

Research findings, represented in the tool, show there is quantifiable evidence on the statistically significant relationship between medication adherence behaviors of individuals with depression and anxiety and employee productivity both as a standalone diagnosis as well as a co-morbid mediating condition. Improving the medication adherence of employees with these conditions has actual, quantifiable cost savings driven by fewer emergent episodes, less overall use of healthcare services, and more time spent on the job.

The IBI Medication Adherence Calculator represents another tool to assist Supplier and Employer members to effectively design and operationalize targeted interventional programs to enhance worker productivity.

This research was made possible due to the valued input of our industry subject matter experts at Hero Health and Marsh McLennan Agency as well as supporting members of the IBI Board of Directors.

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The Integrated Benefit Institute’s independent research, industry-leading tools and data resources help companies link health-related programs to the outcomes that maximize the contributions of people to productivity and business performance. Founded in 1995, IBI is a national nonprofit research organization and business association serving 1,200 employer and supplier members and their 22 million employees. For additional information, please visit www.ibiweb.org and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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